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Cory Sparks Flies to CRSA Win at Fonda Speedway
Varin Grabs CRSA 40 Lap A-Main Event at I88 Speedway – 9/27/14 - posted on 09/28/14

On a warm fall day, the CRSA Sprint Car Tour made the trip to the always exciting, I-88 Speedway, as part of their yearend Algonkin Motel Fall 250! Twenty nine winged Racesaver sprints made the tow and as always, were warmly greeted by co-promoters, Ron Ford and Jamie Page. This race was the final race of the year for the CRSA at the I-88 Speedway and the final race of the Algonkin Motel Challenge, a five race series held at the I-88 Speedway. Scott Goodrich started the night in the top spot, but was closely followed by Mike Kiser, last years AMC champion, Dustin Purdy, John Matrafailo and Dalton Herrick.

The three G. Pivoda and Sons Construction heat races went off without a single caution as the track was smooth and fast. Brett Jaycox, Jeremy Quick, and Joe Kata were the victors.
A dash for cash was also in the night’s line-up and was sponsored by ESS star, Jeff Cook and his Cook's Contracting Services from Antwerp, NY. Jonathan Preston, making his second CRSA race of the year, took the top prize as he led all four laps for an extra $100 on the night.
In the B-Main, it was Ed Newhauser getting the win and making it into the forty lap event along with Scott Goodrich, Chuck Alessi, Dalton Herrick( who had to piece together another car after his scary crash from last week), Casey Williams, (making his first ever CRSA start) and rookie Mike Sabia.

The top four from each heat were brought to the front stretch for a redraw using frisbees which were placed in random order on the track. Each driver got to pick one, turn it over to get his starting position, sign his name to it, and toss it into the stands for some lucky fan. Grabbing the number one frisbee was Massachusetts own, Kyle Smith and it was Brett Jaycox picking the number two spot.

With the twenty six car field set, Kenny Marshall threw his green flag and the race was on in this second annual forty lap event. Smith jumped to the early lead with Dustin Purdy shooting up from his fifth starting spot to score second on lap one. Pieniazek grabbed third Jaycox fourth and Kata was fifth.

Smith starting pulling away, as was Purdy, while Pieniazek had his hands full with Kata and Preston challenging for his third position. Preston won that battle on lap five as the caution flew for Thomas Radivoy as he was turned around in turn two. Pieniazek was now running fourth followed by Kata, Quick, Jaycox, Mike Kiser, Danny Varin, and Scott Goodrich, who was a man on a mission, already getting to tenth from his twentieth starting spot!

After the restart, Smith again starting pulling away as the caution fell just two laps later, this time for Preston,who also got turned around in turn two, knocking him out of his third position and having to restart at the tail of the field. On the ensuing restart, it was still Smith with the lead, Purdy second, Kata third, Pieniazek fourth, and Quick. Goodrich took the eighth spot away from Varin and was determined to win the AMC title. The yellow flag was displayed once again, as Preston was sitting sideways in turn two, almost exactly in the same spot as before. This time, due to the two spin rule, he was asked to go pit side.

As the field was restarted once again, Pieniazek developed a bad push and went all the way up the track opening the door for a small freight train of cars and found himself back in eight at the end of lap ten. Breaking into the top ten was Ed Newhauser, who started nineteenth, and Matt Tanner, driving the Art Kiser #29, from sixteenth as Goodrich was starting to slip back and finally coming to a stop on lap eleven.

Smith continued to lead racking up the cash from the lap sponsors for this special event. Purdy, Kata, Quick, and Kiser were chasing as Varin was now starting to pick his way toward the front. Varin got by Kiser for fifth on the fifteenth lap as lap traffic started to become a factor. Lap eighteen saw Varin get past Quick for fourth as John Cunningham, also making his first CRSA start of the year, broke into the top ten.

At the halfway point, Smith got the $100 bonus as the field was closing in due to heavy lap traffic. Purdy was a close second with Varin in third, Kata fourth and Quick fifth. Kiser, Jaycox, Tanner, Newhauser, and now last week’s winner, Cory Sparks has gotten into the tenth spot.
Varin got around Purdy on lap twenty three and was now trying to run down Smith who was blistering the race track. The caution lights came on for the final time on lap twenty eight for the #19 of Chuck Alessi as he made contact with the wall and come to a stop on the back stretch ending his run.

A decision was now made to throw the red for a five minute fuel stop just to make sure everyone could make it the whole forty laps. With everyone ready to go, the green was thrown and the track was wide open for Smith who once again was holding the lead over Varin while Quick found the topside to his liking and shot up into third. Sparks did the same and he was also moving forward.

As lap traffic was coming back into the picture, Varin got his chance and squeezed past Smith to take the lead with just four laps to go. Quick was now putting pressure on Smith as both Kiser and Sparks got past Purdy on lap thirty eight. At the end of forty laps, it was Varin getting his third win of the season. Quick snuck past Smith on the final circuit to steal second and Sparks got past Kiser for fourth. Purdy, Kata, Jaycox, Tanner, and Williams rounded out the top ten.

Algonkin Motel Challenge Final Top Three: Mike Kiser, Dustin Purdy, Scott Goodrich

I88 Speedway 40 Lap A-Main Event – 9/27/14
A-Main finish, 40 laps:
1) 07P - Danny Varin 2) 72 - Jeremy Quick 3) 4s - Kyle Smith 4) 7 - Cory Sparks 5) 99 - Mike Kiser 6) 83 - Dustin Purdy 7) 10 - Joe Kata 8) 07 - Brett Jaycox 9) 29 - Matt Tanner 10) 4X - Casey Williams 11) 4 - Ed Newhauser 12) 17 - John Matrafailo 13) J27 - John Cunningham 14) 7S - Mike Sabia 15) 5X - Bob Gray 16) 36 - Dalton Herrick 17) 69K - Kory Gurney 18) 19eM - Emily VanInwegen 19) 3P - Josh Pieniazek 20) 91 - Chuck Alessi 21) 35 - Nick Cooper 22) 30 - Scott Goodrich 23) 1 - Jeff Van Steenburg 24) 22 - Jonathan Preston 25) 1Q - Thomas Radivoy 26) 11 - Mike Esposito
DNS) 3A - Warren Alexson , 98t - Tyler Jashembowski, 7A - John Leombruno

Jeff Cook’s Contracting Services Dash: Jonathan Preston, Jeremy Quick, Brett Jaycox, Joe Kata, Kyle Smith, John Cunningham

Kennedy's Towing of Troy Winners bonus: Danny Varin

Magsarus Hard Charger Award : Danny Varin (+13)

G.Pivoda and Sons Construction heat race winners: Brett Jaycox, Jeremy Quick , Joe Kata

Kelly Fuels Top Ten Award: Casey Williams

Top 10 in CRSA Season Points As of 9/27/14
1) John Matrafailo - 3197
2) Scott Goodrich - 3161
3) Dalton Herrick - 3152
4) Josh Pieniazek - 2809
5) Joe Kata - 2772
6) Jeremy Quick - 2706
7) Emily VanInwegen - 2632
8) Mike Kiser - 2546
9) Warren Alexson - 2124
10) Dustin Purdy - 1912

Thank you to our Sponsors: American Racer/ Lias Tire, Kelly Fuels, Krietz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus Ignitions, Kennedy's Towing, and G.Pivoda and Sons, M&W Aluminum Products, Dirt Track Girl, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Ingles Performance, and E&H Services.

CRSA Second Annual 40-Lap A-Main Event at I88 Speedway this Saturday Night – 9/27/14 - posted on 09/25/14

CRSA Second Annual 40-Lap A-Main Event at I88 Speedway this Saturday Night – 9/27/14

This Saturday, September 27, the CRSA Sprint Car Tour travels to Afton, NY for their final time in the 2014 racing season to invade the I-88 Speedway. It is also the final race of the Algonkin Motel Challenge, a series that has accumulated points from all the races held at the I-88 Speedway throughout the season. The top three in the points race will be awarded at the year-end banquet and Scott Goodrich leads the way over Mike Kiser, last years AMC champion Dustin Purdy, John Matrafailo and Dalton Herrick. Only thirty three points separate first from fifth and ninety nine back to the ninth position. It is still up for grabs and anything can happen!

This race is unique as the A-Main is a FORTY LAP event! This is the second year for this extra distance event and last year's race was a huge success. Extra money has been put in the purse along with a lap sponsor board which is sold out and will pay the leader of each and every lap. There is a halfway bonus, lap 20, that will pay the leader $100 extra for leading that lap alone!

Pit gate opens at 3:00 pm
Transponders and Raceceivers are mandatory
CRSA Stamped right rear tire rule is in effect
Fuel and tires will be available at the track

Algonkin Hotel Challenge 2014 POINTS:
1 Scott Goodrich - 655
2 Mike Kiser - 638
3 Dustin Purdy - 635
4 John Matrafailo - 631
5 Dalton Herrick - 622
6 Joe Kata - 595
7 Emily VanInwegen - 581
8 Warren Alexson- 569
9 Josh Pieniazek - 556
10 Art Kiser- 419

CRSA Tour Points Top Ten:
1 John Matrafailo - 3054
2 Scott Goodrich - 3039
3 Dalton Herrick - 3019
4 Josh Pieniazek - 2677
5 Joe Kata - 2614
6 Jeremy Quick - 2538
7 Emily VanInwegen - 2500
8 Mike Kiser - 2387
9 Warren Alexson - 2109
10 Dustin Purdy - 1754

Sparks Victorious in Fonda Speedway Mohawk Valley Weekend – 9/20/14 - posted on 09/21/14

The CRSA Sprint Car Tour made their second and final visit to the Fonda Speedway during their Mohawk Valley Weekend 2014 finale. Rookie promoter, Matt Delorenzo, had his track crew ready and had brought in Roger Heroux for his expertise in track prep and it paid off, the racing surface was super fast with lots of bite from the bottom to the top.

The A-Main was sponsored by Heroux Excavating of Cooperstown which brought the purse up to the highest ever in the Capital Region, with $700 to win and $200 just to start the A-Main! Add that to the weekly Kennedy's Towing of Troy, Winners Bonus which pays an extra $100, and that gives the winner an $800 payday if they are a CRSA member.

The points battle for the Kennedy's Towing,"Northway-90 Challenge" was a close one and was coming to a conclusion at the end of the A-Main. Josh Pieniazek was holding a slight advantage over Scott Goodrich and Mike Kiser for the top spot of this season long series.

Also on the line, it was NYSSCA Night and the top two NYSSCA members across the line picked up an additional $75 and $50 respectively along with yearbooks and hats.

The three heats were extremely fast and went off smoothly except for one horrifying incident. At the start of heat number two, Danny Varin slid up into Dalton Herrick entering turn one sending both cars flipping violently. At the same time, Scott Goodrich had nowhere to go but in between the two as they were going over. Goodrich did a fine piece of driving trying to avoid disaster and luckily suffered only wing damage and was able to continue. Varin got towed off, but Herricks car was a total loss from front to back. Luckily, both drivers walked away with only a few bumps and bruises. ( Kudos to Scott Goodrich, who after stopping his car, quickly jumped out and ran to the scene to check on his fellow competitors. )

The A-Main saw Dalton Herrick climb into the seat of the 29 of Art Kiser and Goodrich return with the spare wing from the Jeremy Quick hauler. This shows what a good group of racers we have!!!

Brett Jaycox and Mike Kiser brought the field to Kenny Marshall's green flag after an Outlaw style four-wide parade lap. Kiser got the advantage on the high side of one and two and grabbed the lead down the backstretch. Jaycox drafted in the second spot with John Matrafailo, Emily VanInwegen and Tyler Chartrand in tow. There was plenty of action throughout the field and everyone was keeping one eye on Varin, who had repaired their car and acquired a wing from Lee Gurney. He started in the seventeen position and was on the move.

The other eye was on a "high-flying", Cory Sparks, who found his own groove on the extreme outside, thrilling the fans in turn four as he flirted with the fence lap after lap. Sparks was a man on a mission and was determined not to let his twelfth starting spot ruin his night.
The top five spots remained in place until lap nine when Sparks put his Fat Kid Racing #7 around Pieniazek to grab fifth. Jaycox had now closed in on Kiser and started to battle for the lead.
On lap thirteen, Jaycox muscled his way into the top spot as Sparks had gotten past VanInwegen and Matrafailo for the third position. Varin was now in the sixth spot, followed by Pieniazek, Goodrich, and modified hotshoe - Matt Delorenzo, who was making his sprint car debute in the Jeff VanDusen Racing #56, and Thomas Radivoy was in the tenth position.

Jaycox continued to lead as Sparks was coming hard and slipped past Kiser just two laps later. Varin was now fifth and lap traffic was now becoming a factor. Lap sixteen saw Sparks again using the top of the speedway and take the lead out of turn four as Jaycox was dealing with lap cars on the bottom side.
Two laps later, Varin got past Kiser for third and was trying to reel in Jaycox. Sparks was pulling away as the lap traffic was getting heavier and cars were three and sometimes four wide around the race track.

The only caution of the race flew on lap twenty two for Varin as he slowed on the back stretch with a blown rear end. This brought the field back together for a three lap shootout.
Sparks lead the field past the cone on the single file restart with Jaycox on his heels followed by Kiser, Matrafailo and Scott Goodrich who found himself in the fifth spot. Kiser quickly jumped to the top side trying to stay with Sparks and managed to get around Jaycox for second.
At the double checkered flags, it was Sparks getting his second ever CRSA victory with a comfortable lead over Kiser who came in second, followed by Jaycox, Matrafailo, and Goodrich. Delorenzo crossed the line in sixth, Pieniazek seventh, VanInwegen eighth, Chad King ninth and Jeremy Quick tenth.

– Fonda Speedway – 9/20/14
A-Main finish, 25 laps:
1) 7 - Cory Sparks 2) 99 - Mike Kiser 3) 07 - Brett Jaycox 4) 17 - John Matrafailo 5) 30 - Scott Goodrich 6) 3P - Josh Pieniazek 7) 19eM - Emily VanInwegen 8) 56 - Matt DeLorenzo 9) 24 - Chad King 10) 72 - Jeremy Quick 11) 69K - Kory Gurney 12) 1Q - Thomas Radivoy 13) 2 - Brittany Tresch 14) 29 - Dalton Herrick 15) 83 - Dustin Purdy 16) 91 - Dan Hennessy 17) 3A - Warren Alexson 18) 12 - Tyler Chartrand 19) 07P - Danny Varin DNS) Art Kiser (56 -penalized two positions for passing before the cone)

Kennedy's Towing of Troy winners bonus: Cory Sparks

Magsarus Hard Charger Award : Cory Sparks (+11)

G.Pivoda and Sons Construction heat race winners: Chad King, Cory Sparks, Matt DeLorenzo

Kelly Fuels Top Ten Award: Jeremy Quick

KENNEDY TOWING I-90 SERIES CHALLENGE Top 3 Final: Josh Pieniazek , Scott Goodrich, Mike Kiser

CRSA would like to extend a special thanks to Heroux Excavating for sponsoring the A-Main Event!!

Thank you to our Sponsors: American Racer/ Lias Tire, Kelly Fuels, Krietz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus Ignitions, Kennedy's Towing, and G.Pivoda and Sons, M&W Aluminum Products, Dirt Track Girl, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Ingles Performance, and E&H Services.

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