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Danny Varin Takes CRSA A-Main at Albany-Saratoga Speedway
CRSA heads to the Fonda Speedway during their Mohawk Valley Weekend Special - posted on 09/13/14

Coming up this Saturday, Sept. 20, the CRSA Sprint Car Tour will head to the Fonda Speedway during their Mohawk Valley Weekend Special.

Since our regular show fell victim to rain last week, this race will be a FULL POINTS CRSA event with our CRSA Tire Rule in effect and it's also the finale of the Kennedy Towing, "Northway-90 Challenge" series points race. The top three in Challenge Points, at the conclusion of the A-Main, will cash in receiving $400, $300, and $200 respectively!

Thanks to Heroux Excavating of Cooperstown, this twenty five lap event will pay $700 to the winner with $200 for the twenty forth position, making this the best paying show ever in the Capital Region! If the winner is a full, CRSA member, he or she will also receive the Kennedy's Towing Winners Bonus of $100 making it an $800 payday! Also, this is NYSSCA Night for the CRSA, where the top three NYSSCA members across the line will receive monetary awards for their efforts.

All Racesaver legal motors, whose cars meet CRSA rules, are welcome. Temporary memberships are available and the $25 fee has been waived for this special event. It is an open draw for the heat races with the top twelve being eligible for an A-Main redraw.

Pit gate opens at 2:00pm

Transponders and Raceceivers are mandatory.

Fuel and tires will be available at the track.
There should be a few used RR tires available from some of our teams...

Coming this Saturday Night - the Grande Finale for the Kennedy's Towing - posted on 09/12/14

Saturday, September 13th, the Tour visits the Fonda Speedway for the second time of the 2014 racing season. It is also the grande finale for the Kennedy's Towing "Northway-90 Challenge".

Cliff Craft, owner of Kennedy's Towing of Troy NY, has been adding to the Northway-90 Challenge point fund, race by race, all season long and the top three will cash in after the points are tallied. $400 will go to the winner, $300 for second and $200 for third. The remainder of the money will be distributed at the banquet to those that support the Northway Challenge and the CRSA. Cliff has also had a free drawing all season long for a Big Screen TV and the winning ticket will be drawn at the conclusion of the CRSA A-Main.

The Northway-90 Challenge points are extremely tight and Josh Pieniazek has only a four point advantage over Scott Goodrich and only eighteen points on third place, Mike Kiser. Chad King is fourth and Joe Kata is fifth and both are still within striking distance of the leader. Robert Gray, John Matrafailo, Dalton Herrick, Warren Alexson, and Kory Gurney make up the top ten. Still, there is only one hundred and three points from first to tenth.

The season long Tour Points battle is also heating up and looks like it may come down to the last race of the year. Defending Champion, John Matrafailo, is back on top and has only a fourteen point lead over Scott Goodrich and Dalton Herrick who are tied for second! They have a comfortable cushion on Joe Kata and Josh Pieniazek as both drivers had to miss one show during the season. Mathematically, both drivers still have a chance for the title with five races remaining.

Also on this night... The New York Stock Car Association (NYSSCA) will award the top three finishing NYSSCA members with monetary awards to show their appreciation for the support of NYSSCA and the CRSA Sprint Car Tour.

Pit gate opens at 3:30pm

Transponders are Mandatory

Raceceivers are Mandatory for drivers and highly recommended for ATV riders

CRSA spec right rear tire rule is in effect

Fuel and tires are available at the track

ANOTHER FONDA SHOW HAS BEEN ADDED…………………..Also, next week, the Fonda Speedway is bringing back the CRSA Sprint Car Tour for another race on Saturday, the 20th. This event, sponsored by Heroux Excavating of Cooperstown, will pay the winner $700 and will pay $200 to start the A-Main! It's a non-point, OPEN TIRE event, which is open to all Racesaver legal cars from all Racesaver regions. No license is required, but all engines MUST be sealed.

Danny Varin Takes Albany-Saratoga A-Main and Mother Nature Takes Lebanon Valley 9/5/14 & 9/6/14 - posted on 09/06/14

The CRSA Sprint Car Tour spent the weekend in Albany's Capital Land for two more races of the Kennedy's Towing, "Northway-90 Challenge", a season long series tallying points from Fonda Speedway, Glen Ridge Motorsports Park, Albany-Saratoga Speedway, and Lebanon Valley.
Friday saw the Tour at the Albany-Saratoga Speedway for the second time this season and again, it was Danny Varin coming from his tenth starting spot to take the victory.

Scott Goodrich jumped out to the early lead with Mike Kiser and Chuck Alessi close behind. Everyone came to a stop on lap two as the red flag came out for Tyler Jashembowski, who had taken a soft roll over on his side after clipping a stopped, Thomas Radivoy.
As the race resumed, Josh Pieniazek joined the trio on lap four and slipped past Alessi one lap later. Kiser, finding the outside groove to his liking, got past Goodrich on lap six and started to pull away. The caution flag flew on lap seven for Jeff VanSteenburg for he drove straight off turn one and came to a stop.

Varin was now fourth and on the restart after the cone, Varin moved to the bottom of the track and got past Pieniazek for third. Goodrich was his next victim on lap nine and now the chase was on as Kiser had built up a sizable lead.

At the halfway point of this twenty five lapper, Kiser remained in the lead but Varin was inching closer and Alessi's car was coming alive and he drove past Goodrich for third. As the leaders entered lap traffic, Varin moved to the inside of Kiser coming off turn four and stole the lead on lap fourteen.

The caution flag flew for the final time on lap eighteen for Brett Jaycox as he got turned around in turn two. After the restart, it was all Danny Varin as he cruised on for his second CRSA win of the season. Kiser finished second, a late charging Chuck Alessi third, Goodrich fourth and Pieniazek was fifth. John Matrafailo, Dustin Purdy,(driving the Art Kiser #29), Chad King, Robert Gray and Mark Taylor rounded out the top ten.

A-Main finish, 25 laps:
1) 07P - Danny Varin 2) 99 - Mike Kiser 3) 91 - Chuck Alessi 4) 30 - Scott Goodrich 5) 3P - Josh Pieniazek 6) 17 - John Matrafailo 7) 29 - Dustin Purdy 8) 24 - Chad King 9) 5X - Robert Gray 10) 5T - Mark Taylor 11) 72 - Jeremy Quick 12) 4S - Kyle Smith 13) 69K - Kory Gurney 14) 36 - Dalton Herrick 15) 1Q - Thomas Radivoy 16) 10 - Joe Kata 17) 07 - Brett Jaycox 18) 19eM - Emily VanInwegen 19) 1 - Jeff Van Steenburg 20) 3A - Warren Alexson 21) 98T - Tyler Jashembowski

Kennedy's Towing of Troy winners bonus: Danny Varin

Magsarus Hard Charger Award : Robert Grey (+10)

G.Pivoda and Sons Construction heat race winners: Danny Varin, Mike Kiser, Joe Kata

Kelly Fuels Top Ten Award: Mark Taylor

Lebanon Valley Speedway - Night two – Sat. 9/6/14:

On Saturday the Tour drove a little farther east to the Lebanon Valley Speedway for their first time ever in their nine year history.
With scattered rain all around NYS, the speedway management took the gamble and tried to get this show in. Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas and washed it out after all the heat races were concluded.

Jeff VanSteenburg blistered heat race number one and turned the fastest time of the night with a 19.256. John Matrafailo was the victor in heat two and turned a 20.027 and Brett Jaycox won the third heat race and was second quick with a 19.738.

Notes: Heat two saw Josh Pieniazek and Scott Flammer get together in turn three. Flammer ended up into the outside wall and took a nasty flip. Both drivers were ok and walked away. Also in the same heat race, Tyler Chartrand got high in turn four, clipping the fence and spun receiving only a slight amount of damage on his #12t.

A scary moment developed in heat race three as we watched Emily VanInwegen break something in her front end, shoot straight across turn three and hit hard into the fourth turn wall causing major damage to her #19em. She was a bit shaken but ok! The car is nearly a total loss...

This week, the Tour heads to the Fonda Speedway for its final race of the Kennedy's Towing"Northway-90 Challenge".

Thank you to our Sponsors: American Racer/ Lias Tire, Kelly Fuels, Krietz Oval Track Parts, Magsarus Ignitions, Kennedy's Towing, and G.Pivoda and Sons, M&W Aluminum Products, Dirt Track Girl, Bob Hilbert Sportswear, Ingles Performance, and E&H Services.


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